It  is no longer a big deal, you don’t need to look any further to find or buy medical equipments for your hospital, clinic, pharmacy or dispensary.

Africa Medical Supplier Ltd (AMS) provides medical equipments that meet international standards for a low price and near you.

We have:

Anesthesia Machine

The first Chinese anaesthesia workstation comply with USA standard

Suitable for neonate, pediatric & adult

Meet low flow requirement be multi parameter monitoring

Flowmeter backlight & bright adjustable endoscope light system

Integrated high temperature sterilization CO2 absorber system

Safe & reliable gas system

CE marked, meet EU clinical requirement







The RADspeed DR system is equipped with cutting-edge digital imaging technology, different flat panel detectors and a multitude of highly refined design features.

It is a powerful tool for quickly and smoothly performing high-definition diagnostic imaging.







CM1200 twelve-channel ECG, with 12.1 inch color TFT 12 leads acquisition simultaneously. Touch screen and hiding handle, easy for movement. RJ45 and RS-232 interface for data transmission to PC. USB interface for patient records transmission


  • Automatic adjustment of baseline.
  • Optional selections for Rhythm lead.
  • 12.1 inch high-resolution color folding up touch-screen
  • AC/DC power supply built-in rechargeable li-ion battery
  • Single button operation
  • Sleep/wake up mode for saving energy and extending LCD life
  • Freeze real time waveform and record with selected format
  • Last 120 seconds waveforms reviewable and recordable
  • Printing preview of waveforms and auto-diagnosis result
  • Various printing formats
  • Complete digital filter, avoid baseline drift, AC.EMG interference
  • Automaticlly detect and record arrhythmia
  • Internal storage for up to 300 digital ECG records
  • Support all the ECG rolling paper,folded paper and A4 paper
  • External printer support and USB socket for data transmission
  • 122 kinds of arrhythmia analysis


Patient monitors

STAR8000 with fantastic design and excellent performance, and is a multi-functional, portable patient monitor, which can be widely used in clinical districts of hospital, like internal, Surgery, operation room, ICUs, CCUs. Suitable for adult, pediatric and neonatal patient. It can support more optional functions of IBP, Nellcor SpO2, EtCO2 and ICG

Various Interface STAR8000D has simple and clear interfaces. The user can choose various display screens according to the different environment, like standard interface, big font interface and short trend interface, etc. The color of waveforms and parameters can be changed for different clinical requirements.
Super Reliability
STAR8000D’s design and production strictly comply with the CE standards. The safety, stability and durability of the product are well guaranteed. We use high quality “medical level” material and control each manufacture process seriously. Furthermore, we take more than 10 days aging inspection for testing the reliability.
Rich Clinical Information
STAR8000D owns excellent software processing technique, including arrhythmia analysis, pacemaker analysis, oxyCRG, S-T segment analysis, drug dose calculation etc. The user can get the required information for clinic decision-making promptly.
Alarm System
STAR8000D has 3-level intellectualized light/voice alarm, breath asphyxia alarm and alarm recall function. It can transfer the change of illness accurately and timely. It can also replay and analysis the patient status in time.
Patient Information System
STAR8000D has powerful information system, which supports patient information input, multi- language selection, 120 hours’ trend graphic storage and review. It can meet the requirements of clinic analysis and data management.
Network System
STAR8000 use Ethernet, support wire and wireless network. It can set up maximum 128 units’ central monitoring system.

Standard Configuration:ECG/HR ,SpO2 , NIBP,Respiration  Temperature ,Pulse

Physical Specification
Weight: 6kg Dimension: 320mm x 170mm x 280mm


Dental chairs

Syncrus Dental Chair

– Electronic work programming
– Automatic return to position zero
– Raising and lowering of the seat and the backrest
– Activation by Bosch motor reducer
– Seamless upholstery
– Anatomic headrest with height adjustment
– Backrest with lumbar support
– Comes with two fixed arms (right and left)
– Foot control incorporated in the base of the dental chair with activation of all the movements and lighting of the dental light with gradual adjustment of intensity
– Central articulation allows easy access to the operating field
– Stable base with antiskid material which does not need to be fixed to the floor



Wheel chairs

Foldable Chromed Steel Frame, Fixed Armrest, Fixed Armrest, Solid Castor, Solid Castor, Solid Mag Wheel




product name: Multi-function luxurious electric care

bed type: KY523D-A1

description: KY20401-A Size:2120x960x460/720mm

Standard configuration: Advanced medical motor system(4 pcs motors , 1 pc control box, 1 pc handsets ) Central-controlled castor brake system , aluminum guardrails P.P head and foot board Urine hooks , I.V drip

Optional configuration: Mattress, Food table, Back-up power system ( UPS) Quick fold down system (CPR) Nurse control system (ACP)

Packing size: 2180x1000x520mm N. W: 110KG



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