1 µm Focal Point

  • BGAs on IC palettes can be observed and analyzed in their mounted state from all directions at high magnification.
  • Use of the cutting-edge NC technology provides a rotation tilting (tracking) mechanism, auto-positioning mechanism and marking mechanism. (optional)
  • Fluoroscopic observation and dimensional measurement of the inside of samples are possible at a high magnification of approximately 2700× and high resolution.
  • Fluoroscopic Image of BGA

    Instead of tilting samples, the SMX-160GT can tilt the image intensifier up to 60° to obtain 3D images.
    Deformation of BGA solder ball

    Fluoroscopic Inclined Images of Mounting Board

    Fluoroscopic images can be made up to an angle of 60° with the enlargement ratio kept at maximum
    1) Board through-hole plated state
    2) Copper wiring pattern of board and mounting section
    3) Mounting board chip inductor
    4) Bare chip array of mounting board and air bubbles in bumps
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