Portability, Autonomy, Light-weight, Sturdiness and Versatility are amongst the most important qualities that will come to your mind while you use EXAGO.

Designed with the latest technology, adapted to the medical environment, and benefitting from a large range of wide-band probes (convex, linear,endo-cavity and micro-convex), EXAGO is suited for all situations and allows reliable and fast diagnoses.

Compact, powerful and easy to use, EXAGO offers an exceptional image quality.

EXAGO’s interchangeable battery gives you total freedom and makes your interventions easy and feasible during several hours without any concern about the electrical power supply.

From its fully digital design, based on a technology including both an embedded processor and FPGA, EXAGO is progressive and enables all possible updates on hardware and software. Thanks to these updates, your EXAGO ultrasound scanner will always follow the evolution of your needs.

1. System Specifications
Weight: 3250 grams
Screen: 8,4’’
Alphanumeric keyboard and touchpad
Integrated loudspeaker
Interchangeable battery
Long autonomy
Intuitive user interface2. Imaging modes
B, B+B
B+M mode
CFM: Color Flow Mapping
PW: Pulsed Wave Doppler
Text and annotations
Measurements and tables
Storing of clips and images

3. Storage & Connectivity
RJ 45
Composite Video

4. Clinical applications
Anesthesia, Emergency, Abdominal, General, Gynecology, Obstetrics, Urology, Small parts and Vascula

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